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Comprehensive tools & resources

We have a comprehensive library of low carb, healthy & nutritious food recipes, glyceamic index, and scientific, research-based Q & A.

Tracking & monitoring

Track and monitor your fasting and HBA1c blood glucose levels, blood pressure, cholesterol and other biomarker data as well as symptoms to manage your type 2 diabetes.

Individual & personalised diabetes care

Our 12 -week program are designed to be flexible and tailored to your individual preferences, lifestyle and goals.

Natural healing

We address the root cause of diabetes. Our patients do not require medication or surgery.Our program is focused on low carb which is the natural cure for individuals with type 2 diabetes that lowers blood glucose levels while allowing you to eat to satisfaction and without feeling tired or hungry.


Our diabetes education is comprehensive to help you achieve good blood glucose levels, and avoiding long-term healthcare complications.

We have a vast amount of condition-specific information necessary for successful diabetes management.


We welcome you to our growing community of people with type 2 diabetes, family and friends as well as supporters and carers offering support, experiences and first-hand knowledge of diabetes care and management.

The diaverza program

The diaverza program is a natural treatment to reverse pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Most of our patients lose weight, achieve normal blood glucose, and are either weaned off or removed from taking medications usually after a few weeks.

Reverse your type 2 diabetes today!


Lowered HBA1c

1.5% average HbA1c reduction after 6 months and improved blood glucose control


Decreased medications

95% of users reduced or eliminated medication


Reversed diabetes

60% of patients reversed their diabetes between 3-6 months by following our approach


Weight loss

7.5 Kg average weight loss between 6-12 months


Increased energy

98% of patients stabilized blood glucose levels and stayed energized throughout the day


Improved metabolic syndrome

95% reduced inflammation, triglycerides, cholesterol, levels etc.


Discover what makes us the No. 1 choice for reversing type 2 diabetes

Personalised service

Our personalized service is unique, from nutrition to behavioral and lifestyle change, to reverse diabetes

Easy to follow

You’ll find our educational program easy to follow. It’s also simple to use

Friendly & Reliable Support

Our support team is here for you to make sure things run smoothly

Targeting the root cause of diabetes

We address the root cause of diabetes. Diet and nutrition can address insulin resistance, the root of chronic high blood glucose, without the need for medications


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Patient enquiries

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